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We at Kasia's Ark are dedicated to the care, treatment and rehabilitation of different species of birds, ducks and chickens. 

Kasia's Ark has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals of the avian variety for almost 8 years. 

Quite a few of our birds, ducks and chickens come from extreme circumstances, including classroom hatching projects and Easter ducklings and chicks that were bought and no longer wanted, pet birds no longer wanted and in some cases abuse by the previous owners.


We do this because we have a great appreciation for winged creatures, large and small, healthy or sick.  Each one that comes into our home receives the best of care, food, attention and medical treatment if necessary.

We have rescued day old ducklings, chicks and birds to much older ducks, chickens and birds. All are important to us.

Come inside and meet a few of our rescues.